November 4-6, 2016
5:30 Doors Open (with live music by Fat Bard), 6:00 Event Begins
WHERE? The Saint Louis Zoo

The theme is

"Open to Interpretation"

Ask Questions. Listen for announcements. Find Help. Join a team. Complain. Whatever.
Want to chat? Join us on Discord. It's free, and we've got a dedicated server for the event thanks to Discord.


  1. Explore the Zoo Make a game that explores the St. Louis Zoo! Consider using AR, VR, or Google Maps.
  2. Go Green Encourage saving the planet! Show off your ideas for alternative energy, bag/trash collection, or the recycling/reuse of products.
  3. Save the Wild Help bring awareness to endangered animals! Save, protect, or educate others about endangered animals.
  4. Pacifist Don't harm a hair on anybody's head! Try to make a game with absolutely no violence.
  5. Multilingual Fan of foreign cinema? Well now it's your turn to add subs, dubs, or references to other languages.
  6. Battle Royale with Cheese Make a game with multiplayer... And cheese!
  7. Candy Coma Make a game that clearly takes place right after Halloween!
  8. Animal rescue Rescue animals from trash and man-made environmental hazards, e.g., being tangled in plastic bags Sponsored by #byetobags