November 4-6, 2016
5:30 Doors Open (with live music by Fat Bard), 6:00 Event Begins
WHERE? The Saint Louis Zoo

Ever wanted to make a video game? HERE'S WHAT YOU DO.

  1. Grab a friend. Or several! This is your Crew — the people you'll be making your game with.
  2. Invent a name for your Crew and register here
  3. Bring your Crew to the opening ceremony, get pumped, and get the theme.
  4. SCATTER! You and your Crew go somewhere to work together, and crank out a game over the next 48 hours.
  5. Return to the closing ceremony and show it all off to the roars of other participants!

If you've ever wanted to lay claim to the sentence: I MADE A VIDEO GAME! this event is for you.

What is the STL Scatterjam?

The STL Scatterjam is a 48-hour videogame-making event for n00bs and veterans alike. Crews will get together on Friday, November 4th at The Saint Louis Zoo's Anheuser-Busch Theater in The Living World building. 5:30 doors open, 6:00 event begins. FatBard will be playing live video game covers until the Keynote begins and the theme is announced.

From there, all the crews scatter, going to work for the next 48 hours at their favorite home, cafe, dorm, or other haunt. Return on Sunday evening to show off their games to the roars of other participants! Casual networking will commence after the showcase.

What if I’ve never made a game before?

No problem! We’ll provide you with enough information at the start of the event to get rolling, with links to the software you’ll need and some general tips and tricks. All you need is a fistful of GUMPTION and 48 hours. It’s entirely possible to walk-in to the event not knowing how to art, code, or make sound, and to come out with a certifiably sweet game.

Is this a competition?

NOPE. There will be no judging, no cash prizes, and no glares. The only competition is between your crew and the 48-hour deadline.

What's a "Theme"?

The theme is a word, phrase, image, or sound that all crews will have to incorporate into the game they create over the weekend. It’s a unifying element for all participants, a sort of creative springboard.

What's a "Crew"?

A crew is simply the people you plan to work with. We recommend between 2 and 5 people in a crew. If additional people join your Crew over the weekend that's fine, and are not registered, that's totally fine. If you need help forming a crew, come to the ScatterJam crew forming meetup on November 2nd!

Do I need to bring a crew?

YEP. Game development is a creative endeavor, and it’s best not to go alone. Bring a friend (or several), make up a Crew Name, get registered on our site, and BOOM! You’re off to the races. At the Scatter Jam, the people you brought with you are the people you’re going to make games with. Again, if you need help forming a crew, come to the ScatterJam crew forming meetup on November 2nd!

What if I want to go solo?

It's definitely possible to show up as a one-person crew, but you should avoid it. Bring a friend (or several) so you can all bounce ideas off each other, specialize in certain areas, and share the workload. You’ll have a much better game in the end, and a better time throughout.

If all the crews scatter and work separately, how will I be able to spy on the other crews?

NOT TO WORRY! The web site will serve as the hub for the event. We’ll have a built-in IRC chat client so you can trash talk one another (or say nice, supportive things), a constantly-updating Twitter feed using the hashtag #STLScatterJam so you can show off all your goodies, and a live-running twitch stream on the main page so you can even stream your development to the other crews if you feel so inclined.

Does it cost anything?


*we anticipate this event will reach capacity - register as early as possible*
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