Online Multiplayer Game – Springtime Easter – You are a bunny and you toss eggs at other bunnies.  Getting hit (egg on your face) too many times will result in being out of the game.


Crossing banner

Crossing is a cooperative card game for 2-5 players that centers on a rebel group’s attempt to destroy the prohibitive, dystopian Fence, a physical barrier managed by a government AI. The Fence is aware of the rebel’s actions, however, and will react in a manner commensurate to how much trouble the players cause. The rebels must gather the pieces for their bomb, transport it across the Fence, and assemble it at the weak spot before their resources dry up or the Fence catches them.


En Garde

Be faster than your opponent and beat him in a fencing duel.

Blast OFF!

Blast OFF! takes you on a pseudo-mythological journey where you help the lovable Mon return to his home. Mon was tragically caught auctioning stolen goods to the local city tribune. By a stroke of bad luck, a police officer overheard his conversation. Usually such a crime would only result in a 3 year prison sentence, but Mon also had 5 warrants for his arrest for money laundering, indecent exposure, and slander against the king. Mon was exiled from his home and cast down into the green abyss – never to return.

But that isn’t the end of the story. Not by a long shot!

With Mon’s recent evolution, he learned the ability MOUTH BLAST. This allows Mon to safely land in the green abyss – where he would toil and scheme for close to 1,000 years. The day has finally come for Mon to enact his swift revenge on his lost comrades (or so he tells himself).

Help Mon return to his city where he will unleash his vials of animosity towards a city that has been in relative peace since the beginning of time.

Download the theme song


A teslapunk aerial fencing adventure, chronicling the tale of Admiral von Stachington III and his quest to reclaim his blimp.


skytanic screenshot 1

Spring Cleaning

A gang of ruthless truants have shown up in your town, spraying graffti over all of the fences! Now it’s up to you and your friends – and your trusty SPRING SHOES to CLEAN UP THE STREETS.

Spring Escape

The Problem: Murphy the cat has fallen deep into an abandoned spring factory. Murphy will have to get out, but it’s a looong way up…

The Solution: It’s a spring factory. Tap anywhere to put down a spring to help Murphy climb.  You can also tap Murphy to change his direction, courtesy of his lateral jet-pack (At his day job, Murphy is a Ph.D. Applied Physicist studying horizontal propulsion methods. Exploring abandoned spring factories is more of a hobby for him).

The Game: An infinite climber. Climb as high as you can before you hit the bottom of the screen. The platforms get faster over time.

The Controls: Tap anywhere that isn’t Murphy to put down a spring on the nearest platform. Tap Murphy to have him change the direction of his lateral propulsion.




NARWHAL ONLINE is a massively multiplayer roguelike mobile game. Players take the role of an enraged narwhal of the Red, Bluish, or Green tribes, and go on a fencing death-sprint through a hive of Chik’rub invaders.

Players will find SPICE, for upgrading their Narwhal, ARTIFACTS, which provide per-run boosts, and JUICE, which moves the game world forward for the entire player base. The total juice collected by ALL PLAYERS EVERYWHERE increases the number of levels individual players can gain, how deep into the hive they can go, and unlocks additional content. The different factions vie for rank, as the one who pulls in at 1st place gets an effectiveness boost for the next while.

Spring Must Die


Spring Must Die is a comedy action-RPG about the eternal battle between the seasons.  Summer turns into fall, which gives way to Winter, who must in turn be replaced by Spring.  But what if Winter was tired of giving up control of the world after three short months?  Spring Must Die posits that the cyclical power of the seasons is contained within fencing swords held by each season, and that all Winter has to do to ensure a permanent reign of frost is obtain the blades of Autumn, Summer, and Spring (in that order).

Accompanied by her faithful servant, Snowman, Winter sets out to defeat the other seasons and cover the world in ice.  Due to a case of biting off more than we could chew, this build only includes up and through Winter’s battle with Autumn.

More from the members of Team Antikythera:

My Final Form

If the button below doesn’t work you can use this link to download Spring Must Die.


Team Roost presents “Sugar Rush”

Game Description:

  • Sugar Rush is a 2D running platformer. Jump to survive the mayhem!


  • A young adolescent named “Violet” has been separated from her group on a field trip. She awakes in a far away dark jungle, startled, and uncertain what to do or where to go. She recalls her friends had packed a plethora of confectionery sweets for them to share.
  • Your quest is to reunite with your friends and follow the trail of candied goods. Survive the jungle as long as possible!

Vulcan Foil

Knock the enemy off the edge using your trusty Springo-Foil and survive the (Local Multiplayer) Volcano Championship!

Note: Horribly Buggy, needs restarted every round, Might not work in certain Aspect Ratios.

Fence Runner



Learned a lot, never made anything in Racket before.

Spring the Fences

Spring the Fence


Get them cupcakes and don’t trip!

Side scrolling runner action awesome game.

The Great Fence of China

Before the Great Wall of China… there was one panda, desperate to protect its homeland from the rampaging hordes of Genghis Khan. The famous warlord had grown tired, and having heard something once about sheep helping you sleep, he loosed an endless army of sheep to trample the Chinese countryside. What can we say, he was pretty literal.

A horde of Mongolian sheep approaches the Great Fence!
Defend against the Mongolian sheep horde!

Take up your hammer, and build the fence higher!

…we also have a Mac version!

Gouda Chompin’

Gouda Chompin’ pits your flapping jaws against a field of cheese and dangerous, jaw-breaking meat fences. Collect grapes to fill up your wine meter and spring to the next level of cheese.

Compatible with the FLAP HAT accessory (sold separately).


Developed in Unity 3D by Phil Hayes, TJ Hughes, Jasmine Moore, and Ben Triola

Copyright 2014 Gesticulating Curly Mendozas

Springer by Randy Phillips


SPRINGER!!! Cause I make original names! Basic movement is wasd and space to charge your jump. The longer you charge (up to a minute) the higher you jump. You can only move when in the air, and you are forced to jump constantly. Jump on the top of enemies to kill them. 2 levels and a boss battle. 😀 Enjoy! EDIT: Trying to fix the download button. If it doesn’t work and has an empty zip file, a mirror can be found through dropbox.


Android APK:

(needed to remove the download game button so that it isn’t downloaded and thought broken… though the download link below is broken)

Backyard Fencing

Backyard Fencing Promo Art

Arena Fighter where kids attempt to recreate a fencing match by throwing things at each other in an epic dual to rule the backyard.




ScatterJam 2014 – TRYCYCLE

The Rise of Balthazar

In the world of Utopia all the villains have been captured and are guarded by aging heroes. Balthazar is tired of this happy, boring life and is ready to make a change. He is now on a mission to spring all the villains from their prisons in hopes to make his life just a little more interesting.

Cash for Cats

Create a tower of cats while controlling a bouncy spring. Deposit the cats and get some cash! The cat vacuum will suck the cats up and reward you with a shower of dolla bills. The higher the tower the mo monies you get. Oh yeah and watch out for bombs and don’t drop the cats.

Fence: A Black Market Game

Fence: A Black Market Game is a social game of risk and reward. Players will be participating in auctions of stolen goods, then buying and selling them to each other in the hopes of maximizing their cash and minimizing the risk of getting caught.

Game Play

Fence rounds take place in 3 phases. Each player starts with 7 Cashbucks cubes, with each player getting a different color.

1. Acquiring Loot

Each round starts by creating the Market. N+2 Loot cards are placed faceup on the table, where N is the number of players. Each Loot card has the stolen object on it, a Risk card number, and a Value card number.  The appropriate number of Risk cards and Value cards are placed, facedown, underneath each Loot card.

Once the Market has been established, the auction takes place. A timer is set for a random time up to 5 minutes, and players placing as many cashbucks cubes as they wish on the Loot they want. When the time goes off, each Loot card (and it’s associated Value and Risk Cards) go to the player with the most cubes on it. Any cubes assigned to cards that aren’t won are returned to the player. Players may win more than one Loot, or none at all.

2. Fencing

In this round, players will buy and sell their loot to try to maximize their risk and reward. Players may look at the Risk and Value cards associated with Loot they own, but not at Loot that belongs to other players.

Set the random timer for up to 5 minutes. Players have that amount of time to bargain with each other. Loot may be traded, bought, or sold, for ANY reason, and for ANY conditions. Once the timer goes off, all sales are final.

3. The Police

In this phase, players see the rewards and consequences of their purchases. The Risk and Value Cards for each Loot are revealed. A d20 is rolled. Any Loot with a Risk value at or below the die value results in a player getting caught; they lose all Loot in their possession, and don’t get any Cashbucks for them. Any Loot with a Risk value above the die results is safely fenced: the player is awarded a number of Cashbucks cubes equal to the Value of the Loot. The player keeps their Loot, and it is assigned new Risk and Value cards, with an additional Risk card.

Play continues for 5 rounds. The Player with the most Cashbucks wins.







Description: Fossil fuels have been exhausted. You must adapt to use the latest advancements in spring technology to achieve space travel!

Main MenuControls:

Escape – exit,

Enter – Play

Game Controls:

QWOP – tilt rocket,

Space – launch,

R – restart,

M – return to main menu

Sock Puppet Murder Mystery Theatre

Sock Puppet Murder Mystery Theatre is a very serious game that is very intense and also violent. You must challenge a fellow detective to determine the series of events that led to the murder of Miriam Featherbottom, wealthy and esteemed Sock Puppet. You each secretly select a killer, a murder weapon, and a location, each of the three of which has the power to trump another (think Rock, Paper, Scissors). A video of the incident then plays for both detectives (WARNING: avert your eyes if you are sensitive to violence). The detective with the most successful series of events receives all of the gold stars in the incident report.