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WHERE? Ranken Technical College

Streaming Your Scatterjam Game on Twitch

Scatterjammers can stream their development on twitch and have it show up on this page automatically. To do so, simply create a Twitch account and begin streaming following the instructions on Twitch’s website.


Once you’re broadcasting you need to let Twitch know that you’re broadcasting for the Scatterjam. To do that,

Log into your Twitch account through the website
Navigate to your channel’s front page (http://www.twitch.tv/youraccountname/)
Click the “Edit” link near the banner at the top
Enter a title for your broadcast, type “STL Scatterjam” into the “Playing” field, and click Done
That’s it! Your stream should show up on the stlscatterjam website the next time you refresh the scatterjam homepage.

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